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gas light shades

this is a pair of gaslight shades.can also be used on a electric fixture. these are crystal and have an acid etched floral pattern. probably from the 1870’s.very nice. they measure 7 3/8 in. dia.;3 3/4 in. H. 3 7/8 in. base o.d. and 3 1/4 in. i.d.

bronzed escutcheon

this very nice filagreed escutcheon is in the art nouveau style prob. 1890’s. It measures 1 and 3/4 in. x  5 and 1/8 in.  .  very nice.

steeple hinge

this is an orphan. it is a steeple pin in design,but there is no filagree in the butt part of the hinge. unusual and probably late 1890’s. the measurements are 3 x 3

very unusual plaster decorative mold  8 1/2 ” x 1 1/2 ” ht or depth  have not ever seen these .picked up in an auction about 20 yrs ago.haven’t seen any since. can be used as a corner piece for window molding or an addition to a ceiling medallion motif. dates to somewhere around 1870’s […]

pair of bennington style door knobs. made in many places but attributed to the benington pottery in bennington VT.  circa 1860 ish. these were manu.1860 -1920 but the marbleized pattern were the earliest known style.

a pair of eastlake style pocket door handles that can be mortised into the surface of the door for ease of movement.these are a style match to the sash locks and door hardware.

Welcome to our Store!

Welcome; This site has been a while in coming. Through many years of fixing and salvaging old buildings and hardware,a time has come to reduce. I have been restoring buildings since 1977. With much accumulation, and lack of room I decided to launch this site. We have many doors, windows, balusters, locks, knobs, trim and hardware […]